SCoPEd 2 – What’s changed? (spoiler: not a lot)

SCoPEd 2 has been released. I’ve had a look through and tweeted a few significant points. I won’t have the time to write anything more substantial today, so here I have replicated a few high[low]lights that I have highlighted in tweets:

The first thing I notice is that for ‘column C’ you need 450 client hours during core training. So if your training involved less than 450 client hours, you can never achieve column C.



They have removed the titles, but they plan to put them back in (so why remove them, unless it is simply to make it appear more palatable?)


You are still incapable of taking an active role in the profession nationally, and communicating effectively with other professionals in imparting information, advice, instruction and professional opinion, unless you’ve done UKCP/BPC/450 cl hour training, for some reason:


Enshrinement of the medical model persists:



Fabulously ironic one here about recognising discriminatory practices and power differentials. Gotta be a proper elite top of the heap psychotherapist for that!



Again, the assertion that non-column C therapists can’t work therapeutically with ruptures is frankly insulting:


Remember, fellow non-Column C-ers, you dont have the ability to critically appraise the history of psychological ideas, the cultural context, and relevant social and political theories to inform and evaluate ongoing practice:


Only column C therapists are deemed fit to evidence reflexivity, self-awareness and the therapeutic use of self to work at depth in the therapeutic relationship and the therapeutic process. Yet isn’t that necessary both in training and in the accreditation process?



There are plenty more nuggets like this in the framework, and I am yet to take a good look at the methodology paper, so expect to hear more from me in the coming days and weeks.


In the meantime, a poem:


Counsellors, you’ll never be

A therapist in column C

You’ll never have the skills you see

So just make do with column B

And counsellors in column A

Just reach for B, you’ll be okay

But never C, you hold no sway

So stick with A and B, we say.


– Erin Stevens





One thought on “SCoPEd 2 – What’s changed? (spoiler: not a lot)”

  1. much of this draft is reworded from the original, it has changed little to nothing. the only thing that disqualifies me from meeting all the areas covered, is the hours. I have done almost 200, I am still new.

    We covered extensively clinical issues on the BA in counselling, and I am waiting to hear if I will be going on to do the MSc in counselling psychology, I chose this particular course because 2 of the tutors are counsellors and two are psychologists, it focuses on clinical psychology in the context of counselling ( as the title may suggest…LOL)

    We also covered interdepartmental and interagency work, I have also spent 15 years in human resource management. so yes, hours are the only thing keeping me in the A category (which is not heretical in any way…LOL)
    and even though I would not be greatly negatively impacted by this, I still think it is not representative of the realities of counselling practice, and as such, I can not support this.

    also, since lockdown, I have done a little over 80 hours of BACP recognise CPD… I have only done 10 counselling hours online and nothing for three months before that, as I wanted to do some in-depth online counselling training.


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